Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When you get dancers together.. they dance!

Maddie had her friend Kins over yesterday after them begging for us mommies to finally get something set up! They dance together and get along really well and are both super cute!
I thought it was pretty funny that of course they made up dances and had me come watch their dances pretty much the whole time... it was a lot of dances!
They also were designers and hair dressers, it was pretty hilarious! We have a couple extra mattresses in the basement that quickly turned into a trampoline for them.

I think Kins had about 30 clips in her hair!

I cant believe how long Maddies hair is getting!! Shhh dont tell her I said that she'll make me run her to Hairicas!!

She had some nice cheer moves.

So so happy that Maddie has good friends at dance, she is loving her dance company and has been working really hard for the upcoming competition season! The mommies got a preview at the Christmas party on Sunday and it made me super excited for the craziness that will be coming up!