Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Oh Christmas Eve how I love thee. I love the traditions we have and I love the excitement that the kids share!
We Started our day by taking the kids swimming at the gym. It has been a few months now since we have all swam together but let me tell you my little fish aka Malia is still got mad swimming skillz!! She absolutely loves the water and Rich is pretty excited to finally have a kid take after him in the pool!
After swimming we went home and watched the Broncos and got ready to go do our secret Santa shopping, my personal favorite!!
We headed to the mall and all separated with whichever parent made sense. After about 45 minutes we were already done! So we headed over to Red Robin for our annual Eve dinner. It was awesome because the waiter was great and the place was empty!
The kids were so excited to wrap and open secret Santa gifts so we rushed home to wrap gifts, we then headed out to go look at Christmas lights, we were surprised by how many houses werent lit up but there were quite a few really good ones.. one of these days we will go Grizwald on our house!
When we got home it was time for Secret Santa gifts and everyone did a really good job with their gifts! We also opened our Christmas Eve Jammies!!

Malia got Kaden some gift cards and a PINK iphone cover lol!

Daddy got Maddie a Disney doll and a cool cup!Maddie got mom a sweet pair of VS cropped leggings.. my favorite and picked me out some perfume!

I picked Malia out a Jessie from Toy Story some slippers and a cool cup!

Kaden got Rich some really nice shoes to wear with jeans he said!

Then it was time for showers and jammies. We all nestled in by the fire while Rich ready Twas the Night Before Christmas. And as usually the kids ran to bed because nobody wants to be awake and miss Santas visit!
I really love Christmas Eve, I love the bustling stores with everyone so excited for the next day and like I said I just really love seeing the excitement in my kids eyes and voices as the talk about what Santa just might bring. Malia repeatedly asked if she was on the nice list, and we had to keep reassuring her that yes she was!! So darn fun!!