Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well I am very behind in my blogging, but what is worse than that is that I havent really taken any photos to even have anything to document! I have been a horrible slacker for most of this year and I feel horrible about that! Im trying to think of an attainable goal for next year to make sure I am better about documenting our lives!
A couple weeks ago we had a good amount of snow and the kids badly wanted to go sledding, we have an extended backyard area with a nice little hill so I sent out Kaden and Maddie to have at it, Malia of course was dying to go out to so we joined in the fun! It was a lot of fun!!

Kaden is always so good about playing with the girls and super protective of them, it was to cute watching him sled with Malia.

Malia was mostly into eating the snow.

And Maddie decided that snow sledding/boarding was a good idea.. she actually was pretty impressive!