Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trimming the Trees

Today we decorated the house with all of our Christmas Holiday trimmings!! After a couple years of being a bit of a scrooge I was actually excited to decorate!! Maybe its the fact that all of our Christmas shopping is all done.. ya that is a good feeling!
Tonight we decorated the trees and I got a little misty eyed because after years of searching for a certain album I was finally able to download it from Itunes tonight and it made the decorating all the more sweeter! My mom always played the Statler brothers Christmas CD when we were kids and it is still hands down the best Xmas music to me! With every new song I kept telling Rich I was about to cry, it just took me back!
The kids had a blast decorating, I only had to yell at my disgruntled teen a few times and the trees look fabulous!
Most of these pics are thanks to Kaden!


Angela said...

Love your pretty trees of all different sizes! What a fun family night setting them up! Great pics Kaden!

Sharon said...

Beautiful tree... I'm giggling about the disgruntled teen comment...heh... I have one of those too.