Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving week

I have a lot to be Thankful for! Truly. I know a lot of people say how thankful they are at this time of year but I am always aware of how lucky and blessed I am. Yes I have my self pitty moments and why me phases but I really know that I am one lucky blessed girl! I have an amazing husband, 3 adorable well behaved smart kiddos, siblings that challenge my patience but that I love dearly, and some really incredible friends!
We were very lucky this week to have our Zimmers come and visit for Thanksgiving!!!! We miss them dearly and are always hoping that they will get moved back to us one day!
It took no time at all for the kids to start having a blast, for the adults to start laughing, and for a lot of good food to be eaten!
We had plans to go to winter park to go sledding but they postponed the opening to Thanksgiving day so on Wednesday we went up the canyon and found the Zimmers some snow to play in! Those kids were in heaven... there was a literal gasp from a couple of the boys that were in our car when they saw the snow, it about made me cry seeing their joy.
We had a really nice pic-nick amongst a lot of Elk poopies! It was a gorgeous drive.
We had a lot of down time and a lot of outside foot ball time. We played kick the can.. a family fav between us! And us adults even took some time to ourselves to go workout!
On Thanksgiving morning we had a Turkey Bowl, parents against kids. The boys practiced for a long time in preparation... well THE PARENTS KICKED THEIR TRASH!!! WOOT WOOT!!
It ended up being a great work out and so much fun.. not sure if the boys agree to that, there was a lot of trash talk and 2 hand touch might have turned into a little bit more towards the end!
Our feast was delish!! I was worried about the turkey because the darn thing was still frozen in the morning but it quickly defrosted and even though it delayed our dinner a couple hours it ended up being yummy along with the rest of the yummy food!
We were all super sad to see our Zimmers leave on Friday morning. It always feels like there is a mourning period after they leave us or we leave them but it is also such a great reminder of what true friendship is and that when you find it that no matter the distance you can never let it go even if at times it is hard work, it is worth it to the end.
A BIG thanks to them for taking the time to come out, they have a lot on their plate right now and I just hope we were able to help them relax for a few days!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Is Jude just not the cutest!!!
We barely ever saw the kids but when we did they were all grins and giggles.. Maddie and Silas are so dang cute together still!

We saw this from the distance and couldnt figure out what it was at first but it was a hang glider with a fan thingy.. it was cool!

Football time! Everyone wanted in on the action!

We did our xmas gift exchange while they were hear and lets just say that we like to give gag gifts between the adults and always try to top each other.. Rich and I totally won this year!!

And a BIG thanks to Tami for making Malias marching band dreams come true!


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday!