Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Christmas wish list...

So you might be expecting some sweet post about how I just want world peace and for my family and friends to have all they want and a great New Year right.... naaa I want a flipping personal chef ya'll!!
Sure I want that other crap too, I want my friends to be happy and my family to have peace bla bla bla BUT
Really really what I want is to not be confused when I go to the grocery store. I am having a major food identity crisis. I go into the grocery store and I dont have a clue what to buy. We have changed our eating habits so much in the last 2 years and in response have cut so much out of what we eat that when I get to the store I cant think of anything to buy! Organic, meatless, and healthy... and to find that in our little area shaaa right!
I get to the grocery store and I end up with crackers a few fruits some chips and orange juice. Seriously it is redic! I get so overwhelmed at the thought of making dinner I dont even think about it until its time to eat and then it is a scramble!
So instead of becoming these super healthy food conscience people, Ive become a very confused scared mom who ends up feeding her family probably more crap from the rush to feed them something instead!
Add to that the crazy schedules that we all have and really who could blame me for this very simple small wish list for dear ol Santa. So Im putting it out there...
Dear Santa,
I would love a chef for my family for Christmas. He doesnt even have to be good looking (though that might be nice too!) it would just be for a few nights a week. I would just like someone to come in with a healthy, nice meal. Nothing fancy nothing that you would find on top chef, I mean really Im not THAT picky! Just nice meals that my kids will eat and that I wont feel guilty about feeding them. And dear Santa if I can just have this 1 itsy bitsy small gift I promise to be a very very good girl all year, I will spread love and do good to all mankind!!
I love ya lots,
Food Confused/food identity crisis lady AKA Kris.. your biggest fan!!
I promise to leave really yummy cookies this year and Ill even buy real milk instead of soy this year!!


Elizabeth said...

I hope Santa delivers!!! :)

tamiz said...

Dang, I'm no better. I fight between healthy/low cal and good ol' fashioned comfort food...oh and also the lack of wanting to put any effort into ANY of those things. BOO!

Sharon said...

Santa gets soy milk at our house! I take a lot of yummy recipes I see from online and magazines and I just make them my own the best I can without using meat etc... It usually works out, but yeah, I so get what you are saying. We don't even own a microwave in our house, but I do find myself buying some packaged products that are easy fixes lately. When I cook, I cook and it takes hours and sometimes I just don't have it in me.

Melissa said...

You're too funny! A chef would be fabulous!

Do you have a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods? They've got recipes and I find them easier to manage than just finding organic stuff in the grocery store. Or could you join a farm coop?

alison said...

Can I get put on that list too?? I am in the same boat lately. It's frustrating, confusing, and while I want the kids to eat healthy, I don't have any illusions that they are going to eat how I eat or that they are going to like ANYTHING that is 'normal'. Why does food have to be so hard?