Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Hallows Eve

First off how cute is he! He wasnt sure about dressing up but he did and he looked pretty cute. He was Larry from Ace Ventura! Soo funny!
Maddie was a balerina and she used one of her recital costumes which was perfect for me!! And Malia was a witch.. with NOO scary makeup per her request!

CRAPPY LIGHTING!! But these are my cute girls!

Maddies class party and Parade

Ive been dying to get a photo shoot with these corn fields that I drive by everyday and finally yesterday it was just me and Malia after we dropped Maddie off at dance and there was a little bit of drama with a sheriff and maybe a white lie but I got it done and I got these darling photos in less than 1 minute!!!!

Oh Larry.. love the crazy hair!

This is what happens when Malia wants Maddies eyelashes.. success on 1/2 of them lol


Erica said...

Kaden- you are the BEST!!! That is by far one of my favorite movies- you did me proud!!

Maddie is beautiful!! And Malia is such a pretty witch.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome costume Kaden! Love that movie too!! It was so fun to get to trick/treat with you guys! Loved the girls costumes! So fun and pretty! I LOVE the corn field shots!! Awesome job in a quick minute! :)

Angela said...

Great costumes! I really love how you did Malia's hair! It was perfect for her costume! I think I want you to do mine like that next year! :) Kaden is so fun to dress up like that and Maddie looked beautiful as always! It was fun to run into you Halloween night!

Melissa said...

Love all their costumes, and you got some great pics! Malia in that hat is too much - love it!