Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smarty Pants Stats

Can I just say that this little princess is just so stinkin cute! I adore her so much and cant believe how fast she is growing!

Yesterday Malia had her 4 year well check. Not super fun for her because she had to get 4 yucky shots AND flu crap up her nose. It was really sad, she wasnt to happy about it but recovered pretty quickly.

Her stats were 25% in height and just under 20% in weight. She did however fail her hearing test which didnt seem like a big deal to the doc until I told him we had just found out she failed the school hearing test also. He recommended that we get her seen for further testing, but as the appointment went on and he was able to have a conversation with her while other noises were going on he was really impressed with how smart she was and he ended up not being to concerned about her hearing at all! He still wants us to get her looked at but told me to put it off for awhile for her to be a bit older. The doc was very impressed with her and deemed her very healthy and smart so yaaa!!

Last week we also had our parent teacher conference which seems a little silly for pre-k but it was exciting to hear how great she was doing! I was a little nervous about her being a little head strong and maybe even naughty in school. She is very good at home but there have just been a few times at church that she has told her teachers no and she doesnt always listen. Well at school she is doing great! She is listening and following directions well. Her teacher said she is very sweet with the other kids, if someone is crying she is the first one to go over and tell them its ok, and if kids arent sharing she goes over and tells them that sharing is nice and we share with our friends! Her teachers are very impressed with how much she knows and how quickly she learns. Miss Tara was very impressed with a game she watched her play on the computer where she would see a picture and would have to put letters in the right spot to spell it out.. she said she didnt even need help!

Lately Malia asks how to spell a word and I tell her to tell me and she sounds it out and figures out how to spell it.. uhhh crazy!!

She also has rhymes mastered! Her and Maddie say words and then finding a rhyme for it and I can not believe how quick she is to figure out some of the words! And if its a harder word.. like one that I cant even think of a rhyme she just makes up a word but it always rhymes.

Now this girl is super smart but she has a little stinker side to her too. On Sunday we had our Primary Program where all the kids get up and sing songs and little sentences that they say. Well Malia nailed her line "Feast upon the word" with no help BUT during everything else she was a wiggle worm and during the singing she was dancing and blowing kisses at people! AAHHH I wasnt sure if I should laugh or go grab her! THEN someone who sat with her class later let me know that she has cooked with onions in the morning and Malia let her know that she stunk! OOOPS!! The girl is OBSESSED with smells right now.. she gets that from me, I have a very sensitive sniffer!

So that is a pretty long update but shes a pretty amazing girl. I sure am lucky to have this princess in my life! LOVE HER!!


tamiz said...

Love that little miss! She can put Silas to shame on the spelling I'm sure!