Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Avery

Today Rich and I had the privilege to see little miss Avery get sealed to her forever family! What an honor it truly is to see the family all in white and hear the blessing that come with it.
Of course the whole room was full of tissues and sniffles.. I couldn't help but think that just a couple months ago it was us with Malia. I cant believe how time flies.
Avery did amazing and was all giggles and smiles the whole time! We just kept saying OO she is to cute.. Rich on the way home kept saying she is so cute!
We had a great time and it is always amazing to be a witness to such amazing things! And Robbs dad did an amazing job and said really great things that I had never heard before and really made me think of things that I hadn't before.. so thank you to him and thank you to Robb and Kris for letting us be a part of their amazing day!
To Little Miss Avery... you are a true melter of hearts and we are so happy for you and your forever family!
Avery was tired but sure was still full of smiles.. such a sweetie! Here she is with her family! Adoption is awesome, and so is the gospel!

I LOVE this pic of Kris and Avery.. look at that happy momma! (boys look cute to!)


Kris said...

I love those pics!! Thanks so much for coming. It was an amazing day. Any pics you want to throw on a disc for me would be awesome. Love you guys!