Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow days

Well what a week we had here in good ol CO! We had 2 snow days this week, not because of snow though we have been getting that, but because of the frigid weather! We have been in the negatives this week and to then have the kids home when it is really to cold to go outside and there are no movies out it sure seems dreadful.. well for them! I was pretty excited and they were to but I knew it would wear off when they got bored and after day 2 I think they were ready to go back! The first day we just hung out and watched movies.
Day 2 I was rescued by the kids friends. Maddie had already had a play date scheduled for after school so we just moved it up and they played for most of the day and it was so fun, what a cute little friend she has! And Kaden was picked up by a friend and went to the rec!
But now I must talk about these pics of Malia. Isnt she stunning, I mean seriously! Maddie had been reading the book "Ponyella" and there is a part where the pony looks like a pouting puppy and Malia had been listening to the story when all of a sudden she came over to Rich and I and made this face...

We started cracking up and we all know this girl can pout but man was it cute! So then when she realized how adorable she was being she decided to ham it up for me long enough to get some pics! Man I just love this girl!

Maddie and her friend made cupcakes and then enjoyed eating them.. and boy did they well Maddie mostly, get messy!
Ya girlfriend likes her frosting.

This is my 3rd post today! Ive been playing catch up. My first post was for Malias closet so HERE is the link if you want to go shopping!


Melissa said...

Yes, totally stunning! And she looks really beautiful in that pale pink!

Sharon said...

I can't take her pout! I just want to give her everything I have, and a hug and kiss too just to make her happy! LOL Her future husband is in trouble with that gorgeous pout!