Sunday, February 27, 2011

The end of a long season

Well it was a very long season for the parents but also for the poor players. I know that Kaden had very mixed emotions about this season because even though the coaching was absolutely horrible, they only ended up winning 1 game and some of his team mates were horrible, but he had a good personal season. When he did get a chance to play he played really excellent defense! He also put up a lot of baskets. It was so nice to see his confidence grow so much that he was much more willing to put them up. He was even point guard a few times and did a really good job!
So after a very long season, maybe his last basketball season we are all very glad that it is over, but we are so proud of Kaden for sticking with it and playing hard every time he was out!

The girls were great supporters this season!

OK the highlight (other than Kaden making baskets and all that stuff) was seeing Ed McCaffrey at the game.. and yes I was a total cheese ball and snuck a pic.. he is one of my all time favorite Denver Broncos players!
We had a very lax dinner tonight so when I put a bowl full of cherry tomatoes in front of Malia she just about busted! I wish I would have caught her face, I think I saw a tear lol!
She almost finished the bowl!
And yesterday the kids and I spent all morning doing some deep cleaning in the kitchen and then washed all the walls and baseboards in the house. I knew they wouldnt be to excited so I after I told them what we were doing I had to quickly follow it up with a promise. I promised a trip to the store where they could pick out a bag of candy, a soda, and whatever they wanted for lunch.. if they did it with a good attitude! Well after the promise they did just that and I it was so nice to have the help and to have them recognize what hard work it is to keep the house up. They were so surprised how dirty the cupboards were since you dont notice unless you actually get down to look!
Anyways we went to King Soopers and when we came out Kaden put Malia in her seat for me while I loaded the back with the groceries. When I was coming around the drivers side Kaden had a concerned look on his face and asked if I noticed that weird lady, I said no who? And he pointed to the car pulling away and said they were parked really close to our car and they were staring and pulled away weird.. I didnt really pay attention but I noticed my gas tank cover was popped open, I thought weird but then didnt think anything of it.
Later that night I had to make a quick trip and looked at my tank and saw that it was nearly empty after just being filled up.. they had stolen my gas, I just knew it! When I got out I went to the tank and sure enough even the lid was unscrewed and just hanging in there. GRRR I was so dang mad! Not much I can do about it now but dang I wish I would have listened to Kadens gut and mine and payed more attention!
Well Tami.. you asked if I at least got something good at KS, yes ma'am I did!!


chanel said...

whoa! crazy story about your gas!!! nice firestone, real nice.

glad bball is over for ya, sounds stressful. kaden is such a good kid, very impressive!

tamiz said...

OH MAN!! I don't know if I can handle looking at those candy corns!! I just ate my way through 2 bags of chicks and rabbits pretty much all by myself. NAUGHTY! That is creepy about the gas theifs. Did you wash your walls all the way up to the ceiling?? I need to do dome cleaning in this big ol house but I sure don't want to. LOVE that Malia was so excited about cherry tomatoes!

Melissa said...

I can't believe someone took your gas. Crazy!