Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Valentines

Well they looked just so darn cute today we had to do a quick mini session this morning!
I am thankful for my sweet hubby who unexpectedly spoiled me for Valentines. We dont normally do "things" for each other, we focus on the kids and go on a date. But he sent me shopping and then added to it by bringing me a few more things today! Yaaa
The kids all got just a couple small things, Maddie and Malia got cute Valentines blankets and stuffed animals and Kaden got baseball stuff.. ya baseball is back weeeee!
I helped in Maddies class for her party and went to lunch with a few friends and then ran kids around all evening. It was a busy day! I hope you all had a great Valentines Day whether your the type that hates the "fake Hallmark Holiday" or you are a die hard romantic that LOVES the hallmark holiday!
I posted earlier today about mine and Maddies getaway weekend so check that out!

Seriously love her eyebrows... this weeks I Heart Faces theme is red... which one shall I choose?
Oh this was this mornings sky... umm loved all the color and shape! Makes waking up worth it waking up to this!

Her pouty pose that she loves

Gotta love the energy this girl has so early in the morning after a long weekend.. I was also super excited that she picked this outfit.. lately she is all about sweats and jeans BLAH!!

Seriously Angelina.. her lips are sooo much better!

This is for Tami... I know you will appreciate this! It is time for a cut.. I keep promising to make an apt but I keep stalling.

Kaden gave his little g/f two monkeys that are hugging for Valentines and she ended up giving him a monkey too... though hers said I Love You lol! I remember my 7th grade gift from my b/f, it was a little stuffed guy thing that was super cute with a big red heart... I thought I was going to marry Gordon.. he was amazing LOL


tamiz said...

Don't cut it!! I love it. She has such great long hair! I'd give my left lugnut for hair like that! The girls looks so CUTE!!! love malia's skirt and leggings on the turq chair. miss my girls!! Last night we ate at our new table. There were two empty chairs. Silas said that you and Maddie could come and sit in them. I AGREED!

Erica said...

I saw that sun rise and hoped you'd get a picture- it was amazing!! I too love the picture of the leggings and the chair- use that one for the entry, unless you want to show off that ADORABLE little face. Your girls are beautiful!!!

Elizabeth said...

I still love the pouty ones! Sorry, but those are my fav!! What a gorgeous sunrise! Maybe one day I will see it too! ;)