Friday, February 18, 2011

Malias week

We have started a little play group on Wednesdays with a few of Malias little friends.. who are all boys hehe! So yes she is the princess in the group. She has an absolute blast and ends up crying when its time to go home.. every time! We hosted this week and it was so easy and so fun... especially when the boys came upstairs to show me their dresses!! It was pretty darn cute, they got into it and changed outfits and you can see that little Blake even wore heals and a crown and pearls! I cant believe she is almost going to be in preschool, how does that happen so fast?!
Shes been setting up "beds" in the living room almost everyday.. she gets this from Maddie, cute but I really hate having blankets out all over the place!
Malia joined in the dress up fun!

So here are a few funnies from Malia...

At Target there is this cute old lady that does the check out. Malia started asking her her name and having a conversation... then she told her she loved her cheeks.. then she said "you sure have a chin" and started tilting her head... well this cute little lady has quite the waddle so Malia started tilting her head to look under and she kept then saying "you sure have a chin.. you sure have a chin!" I was so embarrassed but it was really cute and funny but I started talking to her so she would stop staring at it and complimenting it!

The other night Malia was supposed to be getting her jammies on and instead ran out and said "Im shaking my money maker" and proceeded to shake her money maker.. so funny and I got a little on video but I cant get it to load.

Shes been using big words lately like today telling me that "daddy is serious" or her new thing to say is awkward.. her pants are awkward, or her undies (Tami I used that word for you!) are awkward. She will say "that is really awkward." Im not sure where she gets this stuff but it sure does crack me up!


tamiz said...

LOL LOVE IT! Thanks for sparing me the P word. Her comment to the cashier was a complisult!! HAHA JK... just excited to use that term.

Sharon said...

So, so, so cute and funny! All of it!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! WOW is all I can say about that photo of Blakers! I think that is just hilarious. He does know how to have a good time! :) Malia does say some funny things!! love it!

Tirsa said...

My boy looks adorable in a dress! :)