Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 52 week 5

This was a fun week! I knew instantly finding out that one of my themes was "muse" that my kids are my Muse. Kaden isnt so great in participating in this stuff so here are the girls, sitting outside in -10 weather and having an absolute blast cuddling with each other! Arent they sweet!!
Then my next theme was "steel" I had a great idea for steel but it will have to wait because the weather did not cooperate for me so I decided to use my "steel blue" car that is made of steel and which I was very greatful for everyday this week, driving around in this crazy cold slippery weather with my butt warmer on I couldnt complain!


Elizabeth said...

what a sweet "sister" picture! and thank goodness for bun warmers! What would we do without them? We are spoiled for sure!