Monday, February 14, 2011

Girls Getaway ~ Dance Convention

Maddie and I had the most fun but very busy weekend! She participated in the Hollywood Connection Convention this weekend. We had a very early start on Saturday but Maddie was awake and waiting for me in her room at 5a.m. She was so dang excited she kept screaming and jumping up and down!
Once we got there and got our room we met with the rest of the studio and got our bands and then headed off to warm up and then to her dance room, where we spent the next 6 hours!
She had Musical theater.. SO FUN. Contemporary Lyrical with Robert who choreo'd Modern Families flash mob (and he ended up doing one in Maddies class and I got to join it!! Fun but I sucked) he was very Mia Michaels'ish loved him!
Hip Hop with Chonique.. she was seriously awesome! That was Maddies best class.. she loved that class and at the end she nailed the routine and Chonique went around and chose a few girls who had done well to perform in one more time and Maddie ended up in it! She looked over like AAAAHHHHH!!! She talked about that for the rest of the night!
Then tap with Jason, she really loved that dance and has been continuing to practice it since we've been home! Then jazz with Laura.. who is a screamer! And then Jazz with Brooke who is really amazing, loved her style I would say it was a mix of Jazz and Contemp which Maddie is not great at since she doesnt do it so she struggled with getting the moves right but it was so fun because on day 2 she told the girls she wanted their hair down so they could really feel it and man did she! She had so much fun with that dance! Brooke Choreo's for Glee and has been in lots of movies dancing so all the girls were quiet impressed with her.. Maddie loved that she was in Hannah Montana lol! Shes the only teacher I got a pic of with Maddie because I felt dumb trying to fight in line with the other moms. After all the classes were done we sat for about 6 hours and watched all the company dancers compete.. IT WAS A LONG NIGHT! But so fun watching all these amazing dancers and so many of them were pretty young.
On day 2 they had the same teachers and worked more on their dances from the day before and added more to it. They also had an audition section where the parents had to leave so they could dance and be watched to earn scholarships and other fun things.
Can I just say sitting there for 2 long days is exhausting and I know that sounds ridiculous but I was freaking tired! Maddie was a trooper and did awesome and never complained. I figured she was burn out but she didnt, after we were done she danced all the way to the car!
Getting a quick snack..
The screamer lol.. she was pretty awesome too though!

The tapper.. umm he was awesome! Sometimes tap is boring but his wasnt!

Oh Piano shot from the lobby.. had to!
aaahhhh a break!

Hip Hop.. my girls gangsta baby!

Not sure what this was but she wanted the pic so here it is lol
Love this! And omg the little one behind her in the little white sports bra and booty shorts was freaking amazing!
K scary pic but I have to include it... I was tired ya'll and I dont think Maddie was all that awake either yet!

We had so much fun together! Maddie was amazing. She was not the best in the class with technique or even in the middle of the pack, there were amazing girls there BUT she was complimenting girls every time we had a break, on their dance, their performance, hair, makeup and costumes. She would just walk up to someone and say I loved your dance or you did a really good job.. seriously the sweetest girl I swear! Some of the girls there were on a whole different level, one of the moms of these girls was saying that they dance 5-6 days week for 3-5 hours a day and quite a few of them are home schooled so they can practice during the day. Well I am perfectly happy with Maddie being right were she is!!

So thanks for the little Valentines getaway Madness I had the BEST time getting to watch you and hang out with you all weekend! Your the BEST Maddie ever!

I have video that I will try to load later!


Sharon said...

This looks so cool and she is SO adorable!

tamiz said...

you know if you cut her hair she can't have those cute, perfect little buns. Looked like a great weekend. Glad you two got to get away and have some Mommy/daughter time alone! I never asked how it went for Rich back home...

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing time for you guys! Looks like Maddie had a blast! I love love love that piano shot! My mom would love that!!! Glad you all had a fab. time!! Tap can be fun! :)That was my fav as a kid!