Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend wrap

The weekend kinda dragged on and honestly I was to lazy to really get out the camera and take any great photos but I did get a few here and there. We havent been up to much but I feel like Ive been pretty busy and havent had a whole lot of time to blog. Rich and I have been working out every night (except Sundays) after the kids go to bed so by the time we are done we are to awake to sleep but to pooped to do much other than to watch whatever we have tivo'ed. But we are both pretty excited about the workouts and the results we are already seeing... we are both quite pathetic each morning checking ourselves out in the mirror to see what new muscles are popping up... I feel like my brothers when they were teens checking myself out!

So I mentioned I got Malia a potty and Ive only been letting her sit on it once or twice a day... nothing has happened yet and Im glad actually. But she sure loves to sit on it and screams bloody murder when I make her get off!

Ive been wanting to catch Malia in the tub on her belly for a long time but everytime I grab the camera she pops up. She lays on her belly crosses her legs and blows bubbles and drinks the water (eww I know!) every morning. She LOVES baths and loves the water, which makes her swimmer daddy O so very happy!

OOOH Ive been caught! She was actually trying to poop until I grabbed the camera and embarrassed her LOL

She was very lovey the other night and was giving us all lots of kisses and hugs and after Kaden got home from a school thing she was super happy and ran right to Kaden to smooch him!

The girls put on a show for us and both sang from a rolled up catalog! Maddie has informed us that she is going to be a cheerleading rock star... hmmm

Loves her balls and is getting pretty good at tossing them everywhere

I found Maddie in my boots dancing and singing to herself in front of the tv... it was super cute and she walks much better in them than I do!

She was feeling pretty hot... you should've seen her moves


Becki said...

Hot Stuff Maddie!!! WooWoo
Malia is looking so stinking cute, and we have the same potty chair. The only difference is I wish Ciara WOULD use it! LOL

tamiz said...

My sister (Hannah) told me that Fenix was ready to potty train at that age and she didn't jump on the opportunity. She said the window closed and now she's 3 1/2 and want's nothing to do with it!!!

Tirsa said...

I love the pic of Malia multi-tasking on the potty...trying to do the deed with a sippy cup in one hand!
You have the cutest kids.