Friday, June 12, 2009

A new do!!

Malia's hair has grown so much since she has been home, we could tell when she got home that they had to have been cutting her hair to keep it out of her face which made me sad but made sense. Her hair has been very uneven with one side being quite a bit longer on one side which you could really only see when it was in piggies. So I knew it was time to even it out for her and help it look a little fuller and healthier, so we got it cut today!
She did amazing, she cried for just a few second after the girl put the drape on her but then recovered and sat very still in my lap for the whole thing, she did keep leaning into me for comfort, and I was loving that!! So it was short and sweet and I was hoping for more of a bob style but the girl didnt take to much off but it still looks adorable!!
Then I got mine chopped, I have been wanting to again for quite awhile and finally just had it done, it feels SOO much better! So here are some pics of my sassy girls big day!
Feeling good in the chair until....
The dang lady put a drape on meeee!!!

She looks concerned right
But then we came home and had lots of fun playing with my new lense that Rich surprised me with!!!
Ok look at this girls lips in this photo LOVE THEM!!
Tippie toes in her tutu

Could you just die with how cute and sweet that face is!
And here we are with our new do's!!


Angela said...

Both of you are beautiful!

Tirsa said...

You both look great. Ez just got his haircut and he cried/whimpered throughout the whole thing.

tamiz said...

Beautiful ladies!! Lookin' good!

carrie said...

way cute haircuts, I love that cut on you!

Melissa said...

LOVE the pics! Rory always cries in the chair until she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. LOL

Love that tutu, too! You'll have to send me a link where you bought it!

Norah said...

Linhsey's hair still won't grow!!!!! I'm jealous!!!!