Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girlfriend gots a new do

Well Madison has been begging for a hair cut forever and I kept putting it off for different reasons and excuses.. one being recital and after that I just couldnt think of anything else so we finally got her and Malia in for a cut!
Maddie loves her friend Abby's cute short hair but I was relieved when she decided she wanted it cut to her collar bone! We went in with an idea and a pic and Maddie was so freaking excited to get it cut she was all giggles. When it was done she said "oh Im a hair model" I dont think she has spent to much time away from her mirror the last couple of days because she loves it so much. She was really excited at how much easier it was to wash it and comb it, and it was super fast for me to curl it.. bonus!
She had at least 6 inces cut off.. I have a pic of a huge chunk of hair and her and Malias before and afters but they wont load for some reason :( But here are the unofficial befores right before we left to get it cut.

I have been letting Malias grow out too, what can I say I have like 2 inches of hair but I love my girls to have long hair! But she has had this weird chunk of hair at the back of her neck that has been a few inches shorter than the rest and it just seemed to get worse and worse with the difference, so I decided we needed to cut hers too and even it all out back there!
Well I love her cut too! Its so darling, we through it some shape and texture and she says she looks like the sunshine, which I think means she loves it too!

The sun was way to bright!

Looking way to grown up!