Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dance Concert Part 1

 Ok I have a billion photos and that is with me only adding a few from each dance!  Last week was a crazy one for us!!  Maddie and Malia had dress rehearsals dance pictures and then 3 yes THREE different concerts!!  Maddie had 8 dances spread out between the 3 shows but danced 1 of those dances all 3 shows and then another one twice, I think she danced like 13 times!!  It was A LOT!  And she couldnt have loved it more!  Malia had fun but was really excited about the flowers she got after her dance.  They both did so great!
I will just say a little something about each dance!
This is her hip hop dance, Raise Your Glass.  Hip hop is always her favorite, she adores her teacher and the style just suites her!  There were a lot of girls in this class and it turned out to be such a fun fun dance!!

 Her spy dance was the one I was most looking forward to.  I got to see little bits of it the last few months during class and when I saw her costume I about died I loved it so much!!  It was awesome!

 They use flashlights in the Spy dance.. I love how you can see her profile!!

 Her ballet dance was really sweet too!  She had a solo part at the end that she was very excited about!  The costumes were gorgeous and the dance was really pretty to watch!

 This was her Tap, and it was a sassy little number and I wish we had video to share of all the sassy little faces she did.. omg this girl can perform sas like no other!!

 Sisters backstage!  Maddie was so good about giving Malia some helpful advice about dancing on stage, it was very sweet!

 Malias dance was so stinkin cute, her costume was so dang cute!!!  She did good!  She knew the whole dance but spent most of it looking at her friends.. little stinker!! 


Angela said...

So many awesome dances! I really love how Maddie gets into each character! I could watch her all day!

Elizabeth said...

I loved that Spy Dance! It was such a great dance!! Busy busy weekend for your family, but so amazing too!