Sunday, June 17, 2012

Concert Part 2

 This is the acro number they did!  They shared a bunch of skills they learned!  Maddie loved this class!  She can do a back walk over and foreward walk over and is close to an ariel!  The costume was fun to make, I got to put my sewing machine to work!  Maddie loved this class because she got to be with some of her favorite "big girls!!"

 Miss Linda!!  We just love her!

 After a night of dance she got her first boquets of flowers!  My mom came to watch her Friday night and Maddie was excited about that, she was also pretty excited about the 3 boquets she ended up getting from all the shows! 
 We are always so proud of her, but you have never seen a daddy beam like this daddy when he watches this girl dance! 
 Gotta love these sweet sisters!!
 Malia all set for the show!  She was in the Saturday Matinee!!
 LOVED her flowers!  She asked me after the dress rehearsal where her flowers where.. I couldnt believe she remembered that she gets flowers!
 This was her cover up for backstage... everyone was having a good laugh!!

 Not sure where she gets her sas!!

 Proud mommy and daddy!!

 We had some crazy fans in the audience on Saturday!!  It was so fun having them out there hootin and hollerin!!  Yes Im dressed too, I had an adult hip hop class I participated in and we were part of the Saturday night show!!  I felt like I was going to vomit all day, I dont know how these girls remember so many dances and just get up there full of energy!  I was for sure glad when it was over, it was really fun though.. after it was done!!

 My pretty ballerina!
 The dancing Jeffers girls!


Erica said...

I am so glad that we got invited to go. I really enjoyed watching Maddie dance- I know I will see that girl on the big stage someday! Your dance was awesome too! Way to go girls!!!

Angela said...

What a fun night I had! Maddie was so amazing! I agree with Erica... She is going places! And your dance Kris was the bomb! I loved every minute of it and was so glad we could be there for you guys!

Elizabeth said...

That was such a fun night! Thanks for including me!! I loved watching Maddie dance...and I totally LOVED your dance too! I love your pics of Malia..what a cutie! Love her cover CUTE! Awesome job...Jeffers Girls!