Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boulder Festival/ End of year

 Well I am way behind WAY behind but Im ok with that ha!!  At the end of May Maddie danced at the Boulder Festival with her Rising Stars group!  It was kind of a last hoorah other than their concert that was coming up.  What made it even more exciting was that they asked her to do her hip hop solo!!  She was a little nervous but as soon as she gets on that stage she is always on!  She is pure entertainment and just shines!  We love watching her do what she loves!
After all the dancing was over we toured the festival, got some yummy icees and Maddie did the bungee jumping thing.  The girls also went through a jump house that Malia was dying to go through!

 They played music afterwards and invited everyone to come up and dance and Malia let LOOSE!!  Everyone was cracking up at her!!

 The Dance Dimension girls!!

 On the last day of school after a day at Elitches Kaden had a end of school party.  It was awesome that they were so wore out that they hardly made any noise!!


Angela said...

I loved seeing Maddie's hip hop solo at the talent show! I bet everyone loved it there too! That girl is GOOD! And how funny that Malia wanted to be on the stage dancing too! She cracks me up! Love the personality your girls have!