Sunday, June 17, 2012

80s night

 Ya thats right we had a 80s night!!  Erica had her Birthday and we thought celebrating 80s style for the 80s born baby would be perfect!!  We went to the diner for grub and then bowling!  Lets just say it was a pretty darn good time!  There was dancing and laughing and then more dancing and laughing!  We all made for some pretty sexy ladies!!

 I couldnt get Fowler to stop hitting on me.. I think she thought I was really Brett Michaels!  And then Liz and Ang ended the night with a perfect year book photo flashback!!


Erica said...

Seriously one of my most favorite nights- thanks for planning it. I sure love ya!!!

Angela said...

I was totally rad! I think some of those pictures are going to haunt me for the rest of my life! LOL What great friends I have! We know how to have fun for sure!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my!!! That was such a fun night!! I agree with Ang...some of those pictures are going to haunt me as well!! Oh well, we do know how to have fun. And I have to hair was awesome! It really looked like that..back in the day!