Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School is not cool!

 Thats my Freshman, no seriously hes a freaking Freshman like a highschooler like I only have a few years left with my sweet boy.  No I dont think its cool, I hate that summer is over after it felt like it just started!  Kaden however was pretty excited.  We have a brand spankin new High School this year, it is gorgeous and amazing and the possibilies seem endless!  If he was nervous he didnt show it.  He goes right from school to football practice and is loving every second.  Of course serious homework is soon to come I am sure!  I really hope he continues with the good attitude and is able to keep up with all these classes and crazy schedule.  He is also waking up at 5 to get ready for seminary, hes a great kid!!
 He wouldnt pose for me at home really or at school but hes so darn handsome it doesnt matter!
 Maddie was beyond excited for school!  She knew who her teacher was going to be before summer and loves her already!  She has a few friends in class which always makes it easier and she always has a good attitude about school anyways!  She had a great first day and now is just waiting for dance to start next week!

 I mean come on this girl kills me!

 Malias first day wasnt until Monday and boy was she ready!  Ive never seen her get ready so fast!  This girl LOVES school, she says she just loves to play but I know she thrives when she is learning!  And it just doesnt get cuter than my little pre-schooler!

 Oh my goodness she is so cute!

 These two are gonna miss each other!

 Right to the books lol


Sharon said...

When did Malia become a teenager?! lol OMG