Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maddie turned 9!!

 My sweet girl turned 9 earlier this month.  She wanted breakfast in bed, she waited patiently, while pretending to be asleep still until we "woke her up" with her chocolate eggo breakfast!

Then we opened gifts.  She made a gift list which included... stuff that is pink, oreos and a pizza.  Shes pretty easy!

After she was done with that we told her to get ready and Rich and I surprised her by taking her to Elitches!  She is a total thrill seeker, she loves the biggest baddest rides and loves every second!

After Elitches we went home to get ready for her party, she invited a few friends and wanted to go to the pool!

She choose an ice cream cake!

She said it was a great Birthday.  To know this girl is to know that she is so kind, sweet, loving, caring, fun AND funny, she loves dance obviously and is talented beyond words.  We are so so lucky to have this girl in our lives, she makes us smile everyday and I am always amazed by how many people will out of nowhere tell me how sweet she is!  She always has teachers fight over her and I am forever greatful that this is my baby girl!