Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July wrap up

 Summer flew by, the kids were of course busy ( I am aware at how annoying it is to hear me say that every post.. but it is true). 
Kaden had football at 7:45 a.m. and baseball at 9 a.m. and came home at 12.  Throw in 3 games a week and you have yourself a busy day, but then add running Maddie to dance intensives and it feels very very busy!
Malia was very excited when the kids were home, I tried to keep her entertained but she was always very eager for them to get home to play.  We managed a couple play dates for her but not nearly enough for her.  Good thing we have the pool near by to keep her happy on our not so busy days!!
This girl is a seriously good swimmer!
These are just a few pics from the end of July!  And shes gorgeous!

 From sassy to death stare.. which is also her sassy face!
 She has gotten so dark over the summer that we started having people ask if she was half black.  So that got me wondering, does anyone else have that happen?  We noticed while we were at Disneyland that when we were around any Asians she was so much darker than them.  Im not questioning her ethnicity but I am wondering if Im doing something wrong.  I do always put sunscreen on her!!
 I bought her a balloon on a day that both kids were gone all day.. she was so sad she sat staring out of the back door waiting for them to get home.  Very sad girl.
 I was able to go out with the girls a few times for some good laughs.  One night we went to a karaoke bar.. it was an experience to say the least!


Melissa said...

Yes, she is totally gorgeous! Rory gets super dark too, but I've noticed that if I'm using sunscreen, the darkest tan doesn't stick around and fades pretty quickly.

Stepping on Legos said...

My ex, who is 100% VN, gets dark like that too. My boys do not and Addy does not. None of them uses sunscreen so I am sure you are not doing something wrong! It's just some people tan a lot darker than others!