Sunday, May 27, 2012

 Thursday was the kids last day of school!!  Oh we are all SOOO ready for a break from school, homework, early mornings, and making lunches!!!  WOOHOO!!!!
Malia had a little 1st year PreK graduation party, they sang a song and got a scroll and she was SUPER excited, she started jumping and laughing when they called her name, it was so cute and had all the parents and teachers laughing, what a goof ball!
We rushed off to Maddies school right after for her school picnik!  It was super windy so we ate fast and said goodbyes to her teacher who she loved and loved her!  She is excited for next year, oh my goodness she will be in 4th grade!  She did great this year keeping up with school, even excelling all while being on her competitive team which has kept her super busy all year!
Kaden and Rich were gone all day at Elitches for his 8th grade graduation.  Oh my I cant believe he is going to be a highschooler!!  I truly can not believe time has gone by this quickly, it seems like a few years ago that he was swinging on swings shirtless singing "Its getting hot in here" lol  He finished the end of his school year on a high note with his grades, testing is not easy for him, he works really hard and is just like Rich and I when it comes to tests we just SUCK but he did really well and we are really proud of him, we havent recieved his final grades yet but from what we can see it looks really good!  I have heard nothing but good things from his teachers and principal!  It is always nice when speaking to people at school hearing such great things about him when they realize who my kid is.. I love being a proud mom!!
We are looking forward to a lot of lazy days at the pool, hopefully at least 1 great vacation.  Im sure we wont see a whole lot of Kaden, Maddie will still have a little dance, and Malia will keep me on my toes as she approaches the big 5th birthday this fall!!  Bring it on summer, bring it on!


Angela said...

Wow! Our kids really are growing up fast! I will have to wait to hear stories from you on how having a high schooler is! I am so happy that Court and Mad have the same teacher next year! Yeah!! And little Malia is going to be a smarty pants Kindergartener! Love her!