Sunday, May 27, 2012


 That is a picture of Maddie getting and autogragh from Travis Wall!!!
She had a convention/competition a few weeks ago, the last one of the season!!  It is always our favorite of the season, she had a blast and got to dance with some of the best choreographers around!!  Her dance group danced well against some amazing companies.  She always walks away from these weekends not wanting to leave!!  I was so impressed with her, while other girls were sitting on the side, taking multiple "potty breaks" snack breaks etc Maddie NEVER did any of that!  She was attentive the whole time, she worked her butt off, she wasnt worried about dancing with her buddies and actually kept her distance from them which I think helped her work even harder because she wasnt distracted.  They had an audition  where they learn a quick dance and then go into a room with out parents and audition for a scholarship.  There are amazing amazing dancers in her group and she made it past the first round, which was a huge deal because there were only a couple others they even made it that far in her group! 
She is looking forward to auditions coming up for Dance Dimensions and the summer classes and intensives!  Im looking forward to her learning more and being pushed.  She has definatley proven that she is a hard worker, and amazing talented dancer and quite the performer.  We always get comments from people we know and dont that she is so fun to watch and how talented she is!  I cant wait to watch her grow this next year!!


Angela said...

That is so cool that she got to meet Travis and Sonja! Maddie is so great at dancing! She is going places for sure!