Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kadens first dance "Formal"

 A week before school got out Kaden went to his first dance!!  He had asked a friend a few weeks earlier and they planned their colors.  Oh but first he asked her in a really cute way.  He got brown lunch bags and spelled out F O R M A L ? with one letter on each bag with her favorite candy in each bag, in the last bag was tootsie rolls and one had a message hidden inside saying "Formal with Kaden? yes or no and she had to find it and answer.. she said yes!
He looked SUPER handsome, like seriously this boy is so darn cute!!
All of his friends and their dates met at our house for photos which was a lot of fun!  What a cute bunch of kids!  I wasnt quite ready for some of the short dresses though!!
He had a ton of fun though, he even danced he said.  There was an after party after at a friends which was also fun! 
I cant believe this boy is growing up so darn fast, it is crazy having to let go a little and not controlling his even move.. Im working on that!!  I am super proud of him though, he has done well in school, is excelling in his sports and with all of that going on is a good brother and great son and a huge help to us, I get told by his teachers every time I speak to them what a respectful nice young man he is, they all use the word respectful and I appreciate that so much!!
Love this boy so much!!


Angela said...

Kaden looks so grown up, holy cow! I am glad he had a fun time! From all the times I have interacted with Kaden, I would say he is respectful too. You have every right to be proud!