Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Party and Ill cry if I want to!

The weekend before a group of us went out for a Birthday dinner and I bawled like a baby... from laughing so dang hard! There were a few of us that made the comment our cheeks hurt still from laughing and smiling so much! It was for sure a super fun night!
All I wanted for my bday was to spend it with my family. So Rich took the day off and we headed out to Boondocks with the kids. We ended up spending the whole day there racing, golfing, bowling, eating and more racing! It was nice that Malia was tall enough to ride with an adult on the bumper cars so we were all able to get in on the fun! Then all the kids were able to drive on their own, even Malia! Malia is NOT a good driver, she is a very distracted driver and crashed more than she drove, it was hilarious!
We were wore out after all of the fun and went home to relax for a bit and then Rich Kaden and I took off to go see Hunger Games, I had already seen it with Erica the weekend before but it was worth watching again with my boys!!
It was a great bday and I appreciate so many of my friends taking the time to make sure I felt special!!

I had a hair dream the night before my bday and I had to try it on the girls, and well it was freaking adorable!! While we were at Boondocks we got a lot of compliments and one dad had to show his wife and had me explain how she could do it lol! Cute stuff!!


Melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday! Glad you had such a nice one!

I love the hair on your girls! I so need hair lessons.

Erica said...

Yea for a happy birthday!! You are a special lady who deserved everything. Your girls hair- beautiful!!! Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you had such a great birthday!! It was so fun!! Boondocks looked so fun too! Those are the best days..spending it with your family!

Angela said...

You deserved a great birthday with friends and family! So glad I could be a part of it! Love ya!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like the perfect day!