Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Heres the thing with time.  Time can fly when you are having fun, or time can fly when your heart is still stuck in February.  And even though events and things happen around you, you aren't fully aware.  I have not blogged since the end of February.  We had a tragic death in our family and my heart is still trying to figure out how we got from that day all the way to about 2 months later.  I still think it is February and when it is pointed out that it is indeed almost the end of April I am stunned.  There are probably multiple things I have forgotten about, I am always rereading emails trying to make sure I haven't forgotten anything so I should apologize!
I don't know that Im ready to open up about it yet on here, but I need to do some major catch up, I have a new computer so I have some photos stuck on my old one so there will be multiple posts that are all out of order.  I started with this one because these are my March photos on this computer.. pathetic! 
I love these girls, they make me smile when smiling seems wrong or painful, so enjoy!

 This is in between sneezes!

 This sassy girl cracks me up with her tude!

 She loves to pose but has a hard time looking at the camera so when I actually get her eyes I get pretty excited.  She always poses herself!


Angela said...

Your girls make me smile too. They just have that way about them. (I think they get it from their mama!) Time is a hard thing when you are dealing with sadness. Time is also the thing that heals. Love you Kris and enjoy your sweet kids. They are the sweetest!