Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break

 While in Utah over Spring Break for my brothers wedding we were able to spend a bunch of time with my sissy!!  We went to the zoo, it was lots of fun!  The weather was perfect.  We were sad that Kylie had to have her first day of work that day and miss all the fun.

 Cracks me UP!!

 We had a hotel room with rooms right across from each other so the girls got even more time having fun together!

 We spent the afternoon and evening of the wedding at my brothers house just hanging out and laughing until we cried and nearly wet ourselves!  My family is highly entertaining!
 The girls, especially Malia were quite intrigued by the bike being upside down.
 This is Oakley my new nephew helping Malia ride his bike.  He is a fancy bike racer and wins lots of metals but Malia... not so much!
 The morning we were leaving we all went to breakfast before we had to say goodbye.  Goodbye sucks by the way!  The boys got humongous chocolate milks!

 This is an inside joke face that we have the kids all doing... eeehhhhh
 Always a beautiful view going home though.


Angela said...

What a fun trip! Cousins are best to hang out with! Love how fancy the girls hair was at the zoo too! I can't even do that, so I am always envious of those that can! Perfect Spring break it looks like!