Sunday, March 4, 2012

Over do Sunday Update

Oh my goodness the weather today was amazeballs people! After church Maddie had rehearsal but when we got home we spent the afternoon outside on the trampoline! Kaden was at practice so he missed out on our fun. Malia ended up with what might become quite the shiner, but I think all the laughing before and after made up for that little incident!
It was such a crazy week last week so I am way behind on my updates. Maddie had her dance competition/convention last weekend so her and I were gone all weekend. Then that night she took a bath after getting home and got a migraine, she was in a lot of pain which carried on to the next morning. She missed school and I was thinking she was dehydrated from all of her dancing. She felt better in the afternoon and wanted to go to dance but when I got back there to go to my class there were 4 girls sick and leaving for her and Maddie was included. She ended up with a sick tummy and threw up in the middle of the night. Poor kid.. but I felt better knowing I hadnt let her get dehydrated! haha
She missed 2 days of school and then as soon as she felt better she developed a horrible cough, that thank goodness is going away pretty quickly!
Rich and Kaden held down the home with Malia while we were gone. Rich took Kaden baseball shopping and ended up spoiling him with lots of goodies!
Kaden has been busy with baseball the last 6 weeks or so but this weekend was the first outside practice. They are supposed to have their first tourney this weekend unless it gets canceled! Unfortunately Maddie also has another comp so I might miss it.
We are a busy family for sure but I wouldnt have it any other way. I love seeing my kids happy in all their activities, I love that Kaden has some good friends that come and hang out, and I might even be happy for him when he has a group of cute girls that show up at the door that sing and dance with him lol! I sure hope they are as happy as they seem!!

Dang my girls are so cute, and I dont think anything makes me happier than when they are so happy and giggling with their daddy!

Maddie has been working on her back flip over for so long and just couldnt get those legs over until today! And then it was like she has done it forever!!

Really hoping for a descent season this year!

Uh seriously is this my kid? He looks so mature in this photo it makes me so sad! What in the world happened to my sweet little boy that loved swinging on the swings while singing "Its getting hot in here" LOL Seriously time freaking flies!


Melissa said...

Busy can be good when it's all stuff that makes your kiddos happy. And, yes, kaden looks Huge and grown up in that last picture!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Kaden does look so grown up! Watch out!! Your girls look like they are having so much fun on your tramp! What a fun day!