Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy child

Well to say Malia had some extra energy today is a big understatement!! I havent felt well all week and was ready to enjoy a nice relaxing day on the couch catching up on my recorded shows. It took 3 hours to watch 1 show lol! Malia was so hyper and just needed to PLAY! We spent an hour outside hoping the heat would wear her out but it didnt. She played on 3 trikes and her scooter. She ran I chased, she threw the ball I threw it back, she danced and I ... well I laughed and took pictures!
Maddie got home and they jumped on the trampoline, I thought finally someone else to play with her! But Kaden had baseball and Maddie had a party and again it was me lol
We did a lot of book reading and I cant even tell you have many times she counted to 100, fast and slow.
She was so dang funny all day, she has had me laughing all day.. and a had me a little crazy too!
Rich got home and she performed for him too. We laughed at her all night, and tried to get her tired.. never worked. We put her to bed and it took her about an hour to finally fall asleep. My crazy girl!

Crazy porch dancing..

And when we told her to go get jammies she came back hysterically laughing looking like this...


alison said...

you're such a good mom!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you wish we could bottle that energy up somehow and use it for ourselves? :) Maybe she sipped some of your drink? Lol... I just love your crazy girl!! Also LOVE that pic if the two of you! So precious!!

Melissa said...

She sounds like a busy, busy girl! Just like my Rory :)