Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our 3rd Gotcha day!

On Sunday we celebrated our 3rd Gotcha Day. Well actually we started in on Saturday night by going out and taking the girls to build a bear (as per our tradition) and then to dinner.
I woke up early in the morning thinking about Malia and our long journey to her. I was very emotional and couldnt go back to sleep so I went downstairs to watch tv and Malia came down and joined me... on my lap! She NEVER sits in my lap, she NEVER cuddles! BUT she sat with me for at least 30 minutes and just snuggled which made me even more emotional!
After Rich was up we sat just the 3 of us and watched her Gotcha Day video and I bawled. Watching Malia watch and ask questions was really neat and it seems like this year shes able to understand a tiny bit of what adoption means.
She ended up wanting to watch it over and over. When Maddie woke up she sat and watched it with her (and Maddie cried) and when Kaden woke up she watched it with him (and Kaden cried). It really brings us all back to that day and the emotions we all had during that very important day!
We sure love this girl more than anything and we know how lucky we are to have her part of our lives.
Click HERE to watch our video


jamie @ [kreyv] said...

I'm already crying, and I haven't even watched the video yet!