Sunday, April 15, 2012

Track season

Track started a few weeks ago and I always love watching Kaden at track. He is super fast and does really well and it is always nice seeing him win (because most of his sport teams dont always do to well!)
At his first meet he ran the 100 and placed 3rd and did the 4 by 1 and his team took 1st!! I love watching him pass people, its seriously exciting!!
He was planning on doing the 200 but somehow quite a few boys names didnt get put on the list. It was a successful first meet. He had sprained his achilles 2 weeks before after track started up so we were very happy that he was able to participate in the first meet!Out of order but here he is right after the baton hand off, and him passing kids getting to his hand off spot!haha guess he doesnt want the paps in his face right after he races!!