Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ms. BittyBoo AKA Ms. Dink

Meet Ms. BittyBoo. This is all Rich's fault, he was sick of Lucy not wanting to cuddle with anyone but Kaden and so now I get the pleasure of figuring out how to keep my house from smelling like we have 2 cats! AND keeping it hairless.. with 2 cats.. woohoo!
She is adorable and quite sweet so the kids are of course in love with her. We adopted her from the humane society yesterday. She is "Maddies" kitty so she is pretty dang excited!
She had the name Ms. Dink.. no Im dead serious, Im not sure who the heck names these cats but there were quite a few with very unfortunate names so we named her on the spot and it was actually Malia who came up with Ms. Bittyboo and Maddie loved it (and Rich lol).
So I am officially a cat lady... aaahhhh
Lucy is not to pleased with our new family member. She groans and hisses at her, but mostly just runs away and hides from her.. which is better than attacking her. Hopefully Lucy will get over it and decide they can be fast friends soon!


Elizabeth said...

She is a cute kitty for sure! What a fun name too! I am sure your house will remain spotless and beautiful like always! :)

Melissa said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! I am sure Maddie loves her!

tamiz said...

Bippity Boppity BOO!

Angela said...

What a cute little kitty! Court has been asking and asking for kitty... Maybe she will just have to come and visit Mrs Bittyboo!

Sharon said...

Cute kitty with a cute name! When we adopted BlackJack his name was Chow Mein ! lol