Wednesday, October 6, 2010

276 Happy Birthday Malia!!

Dear Birth Mom,
Today is Malias bday! I wanted to update you on her. I always think of you so often this time of year and wonder what you are thinking. My heart breaks for what you must feel on this heart breaking day. What an incredible choice you made for this sweet girl.
At 3 years old now Malia is brilliant!! She knows all of her ABC's uppercase and lowercase and their sounds!! She can count to 20 (most the time) she can count by 5's and 10's all the way to 100 (most the time!)
Her most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to read a book or be read to. She is now pointing out words and reading them. She loves to follow along while I read with her finger. And now is obsessed with asking what things say. If you dont respond right away she will ask repeatedly until you have read it a couple of times, and then she has it memorized!
Malia LOVES to dance, this girl can shake her booty! She loves music in general and can memorize a song on the radio the first time she hears it.. I am always amazed how quickly she picks up on words that I dont even know! I think shes going to be a little singer!
Malia is very strong willed but so tender hearted to. She hates seeing other kids cry and is always worried about what happened to them.
She sure loves her brother and sister. When they get home from school she is always so excited to see and play with them. She knows how to get rough and tumble with them and loves it!
She is a daddy's girl big time!! She just loves her daddy, she loves when he takes to her bed, I hear her in the room just giggling away and it just cracks us all up!
We just love love her so much! She has been such a blessing to our family. She is so fun and challenging at the same time. I know you would be so proud of her and who she is becoming!
And oh my goodness she is just so gorgeous!! I often look at her beautiful features and wonder how much you look alike. Does she have your eyes? Or what about her chubby little thumbs? I just love them!! And she has amazing hair, Im growing it out right now, I cant wait to see what it does!!
I am forever in your debt. I will always appreciate you love and respect you.
Just know that we think of you and speak of you often. Malia will always know how much you loved and love her. Thank you for fighting for her and loving her so much.


riches11c said...

Dito! big time! And love those pics! I dont think of her as a "daddy's girl" but me a "daughter's daddy"! I'm hooked! Love you Malia!

Melissa said...

FANTASTIC pics! Happy Birthday, Malia!

Erica said...

What an incredibly beautiful letter. Those pictures are awesome- LOVE the balloons! She has some sass that little one. :)
Happy Birthday big girl!!!

Angela said...

That was a sweet letter! And of course the pictures are amazing! Not only are you blessed to have a beautiful daughter like Malia, but she in return got a pretty great mom!