Tuesday, August 31, 2010

240 The big decision..

Well after a very long time thinking a pondering what to do about Maddies dance studio, we have decided it is best to pull her out. She absolutely LOVES to dance and she loves her teachers and the girls she gets to dance with but ever since summer we realized they were making a lot of changes that didnt seem quite right to us. We have tried to stick it out but it just became very clear that it wasnt a good fit for our family.
I was very worried about how Maddie would take the news, and to be honest I was prepared for her to have a complete meltdown and I would have taken her back.. cuz Im such a tuffy! lol
But she took it like a champ, she is an absolute jewel of a kid and said she understood. She of course is going to miss the girls and her teachers but she was ok with the decision.
Im so excited to have her back! Ever since school started I have barely had her home, she comes home from school and immediately gets ready for dance and some nights doesnt get home until after 8 and almost every night has had to have dinner at the studio.. I just have had a really hard time with that so I am SOOO glad to have my Miss Maddie back home more!
We think we have already found a new studio that will be a better fit for us!! So we are excited for that!

Poor little Malia got a mosquito bite last night and the swelling has just gotten bigger and bigger today.. she must be allergic or something because she gets so swollen and then dark little scars. Im really hoping this one will just go away peacefully!

Monday, August 30, 2010


I had a session with little Eva today, Ive had a few sessions with her in her short little life and its always a blast! She was in a very serious mood, so there werent a lot of smiles but my favorite pictures are always the serious quirky ones anyways!!!
You can head over the snaphappypics.net to see some more!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

238 Refreshing

So I have had a horrible attitude about church for quite awhile. As in when we are approaching the church I just want to turn around and go home. Its been really hard the last year + since our ward split and I feel like most of my friends went to other wards. Then being in my dungeon (nursery) not having a chance to meet the new families or keep up with the old ones, I have just felt like an outcast.
I have let those feelings over rule my love for the church and my Faith. Its been an icky battle that I knew was ridiculous and Ive been trying to fight it. After last Sunday I told Rich I just needed to have a couple Sundays off.. that was my plan.
But this morning he let me know that Kaden had a talk during Sacrament.. of course I didnt want to miss that so I went. Im so glad I did!! Not only did Kaden do a great job with his talk but I really enjoyed Sunday as a whole for the first time in a very long time.
Our Missionary's did a musical number that brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could have recorded it because it was so beautiful, they are a couple of very talented boys!!
Then after 1 hour of nursery I was able to go sit with friends and attend RS and listen to women talk about their VT experiences. It was exactly what I needed.
Even though I might not be having the best personal experience at church I know that the Church is true, I know that I have been letting my hurt feelings ruin that for me and I know that I need to make a better effort and make it right!!
We came home and for the first time in quite awhile I didnt go crawl on my bed and hide lol! I did throw on my super comfy VS Bronco's sweats on and enjoy some Sunday football with the fam! It was awesome!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

237 Honey Bee Performance

Well like I said it was a busy day! Maddie had her performance today and man did she rock it! Seriously she just comes alive on the stage! While she was doing the last group number the girls sitting behind us was talking about her and making a point to watch her.. so fun to over hear that kind of stuff! We are so proud of her for working so hard and doing such a great job!!!

Here are a two of her dances. The first is a tap number they have been working on, and will be a competition piece when it is done!
Then her duet that she has been working on for a few weeks, her partner broke her shoulder so she has a fill in and Millie did a great job.. and so did my girl!!
Kaden did the video for me!

Friday, August 27, 2010


So happy for the weekend!! Though it will be a busy one. Maddie has a dance performance for the Honey Festival in the morning, Kaden is going to a Rockies game with his baseball team. I have a few things I need to get done, wont be relaxing, hopefully fun at least!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Daddy took me swimming today and I was so happy about it I didnt care that my bits were showing! LOL
Maddie had 4 hours of dance today AAHH BUT she loves it and is doing great with this schedule. She worked on her turns and leaps today and came home to show me!

And because Kaden isnt in sports right now he gets to run with Rich!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This was the exciting scene here today! Maddie didnt have dance, Kaden didnt have sports, and Malia.. well she was just excited that Maddie was sharing her gold fish.. until I told her to get off the table..

But then we went outside and all was good, she even learned how to peddle her bike! Very focused

Maddie rides with her tongue out.. kinda scary and after this picture I yelled at her for not wearing her helmet!

She loves it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

233 The Players Wives

So I dont have any pictures from today.. I was a major slacker and just wasnt in the mood for pictures, so Im using the ones I received today from Liz from our game last night!
We were asked if we were the players wives.. it was pretty awesome! Of course we just all are so hot that people would think that right!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I just got home from a GNO at the Rockies game! It was a blast, its nice getting out with the girls, I never do anymore and its so nice when I finally get to!
It was hilarious, we got hit on by the guys next to us again.. and we got asked if we were the players wives.. uhh hello no!! But so dang funny, we should have gone with it, I guess I would choose Tulo?? LOL
My cheeks hurt from laughing and Im wiped, so Im off to bed!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

231 Wordless Sunday hehe

Ok maybe not wordless.. I swear Malia is color blind. This girl knows her ABC's her 123's and can read so many words.. but she can not get her colors! So today we were only giving her m&m's if she could say their right color.. it was pretty funny! She definitely has blue down, its her favorite color but for real the rest is hit and miss. How do I figure out if she really is? hmm

Saturday, August 21, 2010

230 eyes

My kids have the most gorgeous eyes!! And they say they are the window.. thats one heck of a beautiful window!

Malia got one of Maddies hats as a hand me down and she wore it all day.. was mad when it was nap time and I took it off! So cute!