Friday, June 25, 2010


So my baby boy is off on a Scout camp out.. Im not so cool with this, its his first because sports has always been in the way of the other ones. AND in just a month he will be gone for a week. I dont deal well with my kids being gone, I dont like it, I get anxiety, I cry, I HATE IT!! And I freaking forgot to send him with his epi pen and benedryl UGH! Now before I complain more or sound more phsyco, Rich is with him so I know at least until Rich has to leave that he will be safe, its just the after part that freaks me out! WAAAH
So while the boys are away, the girls got to play! Maddies dance studio hosted a spa party so us girlies went and Maddie enjoyed a foot spa and Malia enjoyed the food and I enjoyed watching them having fun! And now Im exhausted and ready for bed so here are some crappy phone pics from the party!
NOW now trying to break in just because the men of the house are gone.. I sleep with a pistol under my pillow and I am a very good shot!!!

Give that girl some fruit and shes your friend for life!


Haley L said...

Aw . . so glad to get my Malia fix tonight. That girl has me wrapped around her little finger!

Elizabeth said...

What fun you guys had!! I think I need me some spa time for sure!!! Nathan was really excited that Kaden was going to be there at the camp out too! They will have so much fun!

Angela said...

Jacob wanted to go, and I am sad that he couldn't since Nathan and Kaden will be there! Looks like a fun spa night for Maddie! I am going to host one of those for me soon! Cute pic of Malia with her fruit buddy!