Thursday, May 6, 2010


Rich had today off, it was really nice but Im trying to figure out how to juggle a million things this weekend with out him. Seriously loosing sleep and thinking I need a nanny or a second wife!
We ran lots of errands today and Malia was a trooper!! And seriously how adorable is she!

Well tonight I finally decided I had to use the tofu that is sitting in my fridge.. Ive been very nervous about using it, its more the thought than anything else but I ended up making scrambled tofu which was tofu with veggies. It ended up being so good! The kids all ate it up and were so full after!! It kinda looked like scrambled eggs and resembled that texture to. Maddie has been a good sport about all this new food, like I said veggies are not her favorite but she is slowly coming to terms! It was funny that she was picking out the tofu and eating that before the green beans and broccoli lol!
Awww finally a hair cut!! He fights hair cuts, long hair is in at school.. not at this house!


tamiz said...

I need Kaden to convince Elias to get his hair cut too! He's getting so shaggy I hate it. I do love Malia's outfit.

Norah said...

Very cute pics and I'm hungry now