Sunday, June 7, 2009

My show stopper!

Maddie had her recital today! For the first time since she was 3 I finally feel like she has good teacher and finally had the cutest darn costume! Maddie is a charmer on stage and feels so comfortable up there it amazes me. She never gets nervous at all, I love that! We had a dress rehearsal yesterday with full makeup and we got some photos done so I cant wait to see how those turn out. We grabbed some shots at the house before we left and when I was done she was so excited to leave she was strutting her stuff and just wanted to go!
Now we have to make a very big decision.. Maddie was invited to be part of the company's show stoppers which would mean competing, they watch these girls and get recommendations from the teachers and decide who they think would do well moving up to compete and I was so surprised and sooo proud that they wanted Maddie! At first I was thinking no right away until the owner pulled me aside and told me how they chose the girls for this class and why Maddie was chosen, Maddie I know would love it, she just loves dance and to please a crowd is where she shines, so we have a meeting to go to, to help us make the decision. Im so excited for her!!!

Ready for the show
Her very favorite pose!
Such a sweet girl I have
The mirror gets lots of action when Maddie has makeup, she just LOVES getting ready, her favorite part of makeup is mascara which used to be my scariest!

They girls danced to "Popular" from the Wicked soundtrack with Krisin Chenoweth who I LOVE and I just love love that song! They dance was just adorable and all the girls did such a great job! There were only a few moments here and there were girls took turns being confused but I was so impressed with Maddie and her ability to memorize the dance now, such an improvement from even 6 months ago! I will be trying to upload the video tomorrow.
This was their finish pose

After the dance was over all the girls ran off stage but Maddie stopped to give the crowd a couple of the most adorable curtsies.. Everyone around us sat and commented on her and I just wanted to shout YES and shes MINE!!! Im sooo bummed that our camera missed it Im hoping someone else caught it for me!!! ANYONE??

To cute
Maddie got some serious air for such short little legs
My dancing beauty on stage
I really was so proud of her I cried at her adorableness
And daddy brought flowers which always puts a grin on that sweet face
Heres a slide of some more... the slideshows arent working for some reason but if you click on view images you can see the pics!


Elizabeth said...

Too cute! Way to go Maddie!!!I love the air you got in your performance! What a beautiful dancer!

Alison said...

Good job Maddie!
Where has she been taking dance this year?

Haley L said...

We might have the curtsie on video, but not a still shot. I might have to trade you for a copy of the video--the whole first half of ours is awful. :(