Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skater boyees and girlz

The kids all had a blast playing outside for most of the day today, it was pretty nice weather. Malia and I joined Kaden and Maddie for awhile and it cracks me up that Malia is a little nervous about walking around on that dang gross dead lawn and the side walk, I had to pull her along to see that it was ok. She was loving Kadens hat and Maddies Dora bike.
Kaden and Maddie were both pulling some impressive tricks on the skate board. I was shocked to see Maddie actually pull off a pretty good ollie.
I love when they can go outside and get out some of the cooped up energy! It was to sweet seeing Malia reaching up to Kadens hand and pulling him around, they are quite smitten with each other.


Karen said...

Are you having normal weather? There is no snow on the ground. We have tons of snow. The kids all look like they are having a blast!

Norah said...

Your little skaters rock!

Becki said...

Quit hogging all the nice weather. We still haven't had a good enough day to let the kids just go play outside! Colorado SUCKS!!!! j/k or maybe I'm not! Love the pics!

tamiz said...

Love those sk8er bois!